Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sink Area

Ahhh, sorry I've been so MIA lately, but an extreme case of laziness set in and I'm just now getting over it.  I have approximately 10 half-finished projects and 10 half-started projects and I haven't felt motivated to do much of anything.  Plus I can't find my camera charger.  But I did snap a few pics before my camera died, so here ya go.

For the last few weeks, my sink area has been an source of frustration.  I just felt like it looked a mess all the time, plus I still had a Christmas snowman soap dispenser out.  It's spring people!

I found the milk glass soap dispenser at Target for $12.99 which I loooove.  It made a huge difference because I put my dish soap in it so the ugly soap bottle is banished beneath the sink only to resurfaced for refills.  That was as far as I'd gotten.  It was better but I still didn't love it.

Then I found two of these little crates at Goodwill.

Yes, only $1!

I spray painted one of them black, and voila!

I found the glass soap dispenser at Target as well for $17.99 (a bit of a splurge but I just loved it).  I switched the dish soap to it and put the hand soap in the milk glass one.  The ceramic dish to the right corrals my rings while I'm washing dishes.

I think it looks much neater and I love doing dishes now!  (Ha, if only a little black crate could make me love doing dishes.)

P.S. The other crate is in its natural state in my laundry closet holding dryer sheets.  Love!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Freshened up for Spring

It was time for some new springy decor around here. 

First up, a CSN Stores bowl filled with faux green apples. (Small ones: Target - $5, large ones: Walmart - $1 each) I saw a Houzz ideabook on green apples and just had to incorporate the look! I know apple season is fall and not spring, but I think the green apples make it springy.

Vintage Reader's Digest books picked up at the Habitat Restore (50 cents each!). Tray was a Goodwill find for $1.50. Got the a-freakin'-dorable cast iron owl at Urban Outfitters for half off (came to about $7). 

Isn't the little tealight birdcage sooo cute?  I got it and the faux flower and sparkly greenery at Michaels.

Okay, this isn't really springy, but two of the three pieces are new so I had to share!  My new blue vase from CSN Stores and a piece of funky pottery I picked up at my favorite pottery store in Pigeon Forge.  I got it to replace the piece my kitties broke, but I still don't love it as much as I did that pitcher.  They didn't have anything even remotely similar to it, but I still like this piece with all its quirky curves.

I got this table runner and the napkin rings (those things around the votive holders) at the same pottery store in PF a few years ago.  This picture kinda stinks and doesn't do this display justice, but I just love it.

So that's my springy decor around here.  I can't wait until it's shorts and flip flops weather!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Woo hoooo: New Curtains!

Eeeee, something exciting for you today!  Okay, maybe you're not that excited, but just humor me, mmkay?

I got curtains for my naked dining room windows!  Wahoooo.

Here they were in all their sad "before" glory.  (Although don't you just love that bunting? hehe)

And here they are now with simple white sheers ordered from Target.com with a birthday giftcard.

Rods from Lowes.

I think this area looks so much more "done" now.  I really wanted to stay light and simple with the draperies because this is such a small area.  I didn't want the curtains to compete with any of the decor in the living room since this is essentially part of a great room.

Sidenote:  See the holes above the rod on the right?  Yeah, a few miscalculations occured, but it was smooth sailing on the left window!  I just need to sand and paint and you'll never know!

While we're in the dining room, I thought I'd show you my spring tablescape!

I am loving the monochromatic look this spring.  I used some of the same elements as my winter tablescape, but switched the focal point to this cute little white pitcher I got at Michaels (50% off!), with a fake hydrangea in it.  I noticed while I was at Michael's that day that I really don't like any other fake flowers, and really, hydrangeas are my favorite real flower.  I just love the fullness of hydrangeas because it really only takes one to make a statement.  What I wouldn't give to have a hydrangea bush... too bad I have a black thumb.  Feel free to pity me (or gift me with fresh hydrangeas!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Burlap, Book Page and Jute Bunting

I had a crafty urge one day and I thought, what better than to combine four of the most popular trends in the blogosphere now: burlap, book pages, jute, and bunting!  I had some leftover burlap from my table runner, an old book I was willing to rip up and some jute, so cost for this project = free!  I used my Cricut to cut the bookpages into pennant shapes, then I freehanded triangles out of burlap, hot glued it all together, and voila!

Okay, so I did this project a while back (note the Valentine's decor on the table), but I've been a really bad blogger lately!  Mostly it comes down to laziness.  I wish they had some kind of medication for it.  It's really a very debilitating disease.

Steven came home after I put this up and asked if we were having a party, but he just doesn't understand.  I forgive him.  I think it's cute and only took an hour or so, and most of that was spent loading book pages into the Cricut!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Lamp Revamp

Last week I found these beauties at Goodwill:

Yes, you read that right:  Only $4 each!  And they matched!  And the only thing they needed was a little spray paint!  I snatched these babies up quicker than I could say "gimme!"

Before I show you the big reveal, a quick little anecdote.  I was so excited about painting these today that I rushed outside to lay out a plastic tarp to protect my patio, slammed the door shut behind me and immediately regretted it.  I tried the knob thinking maybe my suspicions were wrong, but nope, locked out (I unlocked the deadbolt to get out, but forgot to unlock the actual knob, which lets you get out but not back in).  I had on a pair of flip flops and my PJs with a sloppy sweatshirt over them, and my only option was to run across the street to the neighbor's house that we've never met in almost four years of living here because I saw that her car was in the driveway.  She answered the door probably thinking I was some hoodlum and I told her I lived across the street and I'm an idiot and could I please use her phone to call my husband?  She obliged, I used her phone, and then she promptly showed me to the door and I had to wait for Steven on our deck until he got there.  Luckily he was off work this afternoon and was on his way to meet friends for lunch, and wasn't stuck in some marathon conference call or something.  So next on our list to buy:  Remote keypad for the garage door. 

Okay, back to the lamps.  Here they are all nice and shiny black with cute Target drum shades.

Ignore the kitty paw prints all over the table.  For some reason, it's their favorite place to jump up on and proceed to walk all over.

Here's the before with the mismatched lamps.  The one on the left is too short and the one on the right is too tall.  It has always bugged me.  Well, it's bugged me for the two months we've had a living space down here.

And here's the room with brand-spanking-new, perfect height, matching lamps.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all about mismatched lamps, but this room just screams for symmetry.  (Ignore the computer and heated blanket cords in the following picture.  Laziness again rears its ugly head!)

I'm going to jazz up the shades a little bit with some some ribbon or stenciling or something, but I haven't decided what yet and will probably hold off a while until we decide exactly what we're doing to this room.

These totaled up to $17 per lamp + $5 for the spray paint.  Not too shabby.

Here's another before and after.

Symmetry just makes me happy.  Love!

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